Brimstone Mines

Brimstone Mine is the eighth area in Cactus McCoy and The Curse of Thorns. It is the second mine-themed area. Flame hazards are most commonly found here.

Challenges in this areaEdit

Locations of the treasuresEdit

CHEST 1- When you see a chicken, pick it up and jump up three platforms. then above u are two sticks. jump up and throw chicken as you are standing to the right of the pole, it should land on the platform. now jump up twice, grabbing the sticks and pick up chicken again. go to the left and up two platforms. jump and fly with chicken 3 times (on the second platform u will need to drop the chicken and fight the enemigo. drop down on the left. there is the chest.

CHEST 2- In the rumble room. (Rumble room is near machine gunner above ropes.)

CHEST 3- In the second area. Go down and when you see the boxing enemigo go up the platform and there is treasure near the shovel enemigo

CHEST 4- When you go to the end of second area near Enemigo holding guitar climb the rope above you and follow it. You will come across three passages: 1st for death, 2nd for nothing and 3rd for treasure

CHEST 5- You need a mine cart. When you see chains above whip enemigo surrounded by flames, put mine cart down and go for the treasure.

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