Cactus Canyon

Area 1: Cactus Canyon

Cactus Canyon is the 1st level and the first canyon-themed area in the flash game Cactus McCoy and The Curse of Thorns.

Challenges in this areaEdit

Locations of the treasuresEdit

Chest 1Edit

After defeating the two practice Enemigos, go straight left. If you came this way earlier, the path was blocked by a wall. It is now open. This treasure is the first treasure to be found in this area.

Chest 2Edit

After jumping across the bottomless pit, you will see the treasure... this is the second treasure. It is practically impossible to miss, as it is on the path the player has to take.

Chest 3Edit

Before leaving the section/room with the bottomless pit, drop down (down arrow key and A) through the platforms that are right before the right-pointing arrow. Go left; there will be an Enemigo, and you'll find the third treasure.

Chest 4Edit

The fourth treasure is at the end of the fourth section. Right after coming up the ladder, you will see a Bramble bush, hop up beside it. Then jump left while holding the left arrow key and McCoy will grab some ropes. You will then jump up to another rope after reaching the end of the first, hop up to the left, and the treasure will be there.

Chest 5Edit

Right after the last fight with Punching Enemigos (in the same room/area), jump up the platforms, towards the upper-right. In the top-right corner of the screen, where a door is, go right, and you will see the treasure.


  • Number of sections: 1
  • Number of Enemigos: 2
  • Number of wooden crates: 1
  • Number of iron crates: 1
  • Number of weapon types: 8
  • Number of "Wanted" papers: 10


  • It is the first level in a Cactus McCoy game.
  • Its name is a reference to the word "cactus", which is what Cactus McCoy becomes to as a result of the curse.
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