Cut to the Chase
Cut to the Chase is one of the challenges in Tumblewood, the first area of Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera. It is completed by beating the area in 1:30 (90 seconds) or less.


  • Don't waste time trying to kill every Enemigo (you can easily evade them by jumping over them). Focus on killing the Enemigos that are vital for you to beat the area (i. e. the Hexagoons in this area).
  • If the proficiency level of your punching is low, try using weapons that you can acquire from Enemigos. With these, you can kill Enemigos in less hits or shots, which will also save your time.
  • Avoid juggling the Enemigos that must be defeated to advance in an area, such as the Scarecrow Enemigo and Hexagoons.

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