Grey Shooting Enemigo
A grey shooting Enemigo as he appears in the original game

Can wield

Derringer, Revolver and Roman Candle


Equal to 15 Level 1 Punches


Grey Shooting Enemigo, or Pistol Enemigo is a type of Enemigo that wields a pistol. He has appeared in both Cactus McCoy games so far.

A grey shooting Enemigo can be killed with the damage of 15 punching level 1 fists and 22,5 in areas 5-12 from Cactus McCoy 2.


As their name implies, grey shooting Enemigos are clothed nearly completely grey. They wear a grey jacket and a grey hat with red stripes on it. Their eyes are obscured by a red bandana. They also wear grey pants and black shoes.

Due to the number of type of pistols being not very high in the first game, a Grey Shooting Enemigo may either wield a Derringer, a Revolver or a Roman Candle.


  • The appearance of the grey shooting Enemigos may be based on the stereotype of Mariachi, a type of Mexican musician.