Gridlock Canal

Gridlock Canal is the ninth area of Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera. The area is partners with Port Scamwell, obvious with all the palm trees, the shacks, and the color of the sky.


Locations of the treasuresEdit

Chest 1Edit

The first chest is above your head at the beginning of the level. To open it, jump across the ship with the first leak. Kill the Enemigos and push the chest across the deck so that you can use it to jump between the ships smokestacks. Use the rope to climb up and head left. Make a leap of faith across the left to grab a zipline and slide your way to success.

Chest 2Edit

Weighting down the four switches on the tall masted boat where you meet with a gang rumble will flip against the platforms leading up the mast and give you access to chest #2.

Chest 3Edit

This chest is relatively easy, being inside the large boat with the cannoneers. Drop down to it through the roof where the fire valves are.

Chest 4Edit

The fourth chest is behind some breakable blocks on the lowest level of the ship just after the cannoneer ship where you found the last chest. Use explosives to expose it.

Chest 5Edit

Yeah, you know where it is. After you cleared out the last Rumble room, go to the right and retrieve the metal crate from a small ledge over your head. Drop it on top of the raised metal box and use it to jump up to the platform with the Barrel Rockets. Pick one up, jump, launch, then aim up and to the left. Grab on to a rope there and lift yourself up to the last chest and sweet treasure victory.


  • 'Scallywags' really means 'White Republicans'.
  • This is the only ship themed area of the Cactus McCoy series (so far).
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