All types of Hangmen.

The Hangmen are the Enemigos that appear in the final rumble in Whiplash Rapids.

Fourteen aslo appear earlier in Whiplash Rapids as part of the Rumble in the Jungle challenge. They also later appear in Calavera Ruins as part of the Cheat the Hangman challenge.


When fighting them at Whiplash Rapids, they can have a Sickle, Morningstar, Katar, Blunderbuss, or Scythe. At Whiplash Rapids, they can wield a Cannon, Bone, Tomahawks, or Barbed Wire. At Calavera Ruins, the can have a Cleaver, Tow Chain, Revolver, Gatling Gun, Axe, Hatfield's Pistol, Brawler Gloves, or Blunderbuss.

Flipdeck InfoEdit

049 The Hangmen
For years, the stories of the Hangmen were considered tall tales. It was said that The Hangmen were a group of deranged prisoners who escaped from Port Scamwell. They were chased deep into Makopa Jungle and cornered at the banks of Whiplash Rapids. Fearing capture, the Hangmen jumped into the raging rapids, never to be seen again. It’s said they still lurk along the river, attacking all who walk the banks.

Cactus McCoy and The Curse of Thorns

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Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera

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