Some Hexagoons as they appear in Tumblewood.

The Hexagoons are a group of Enemigos that appear in the boss fight section of the first level, Tumblewood in Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera. As they are the first Enemigos of a boss fight, there are only four Enemigos. Their heads seem to be obscured by the hat of Hex HatfieldIn their Flipdeck , it is revealed that they are Hex Hatfield's southernmost gang. According to the same source, they have developed a cult-like following for Hatfield although they have not seen him yet. Due to this, they may be heard chanting his name at some nights.

Fourteen more appear in Whiplash Rapids as part of the Rumble in the Jungle challenge.


At Tumblewood, they can wield a cactus, boxing gloves, or machete. At Whiplash Rapids, they can wield a power drill, macana, or axe.


  • With their hats like Hex Hatfield and their name being "Hexagoons", it is an obvious reference to Hex Hatfield, the main antagonist of the first game.
  • "Hexagoons" means "Hex's goons" and it's a pun on the word "hexagon", which means a polygon with six sides (just like their hats).

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