Various types of money that appear in both games. (From left to right) Bronze, silver and gold coins, ruby, emerald and diamond.

Money is the currency that is being used in the Cactus McCoy series to purchase upgrades or a starting weapon. It can either be in the form of a bronze, silver or gold coin, ruby, emerald or even a diamond.

While killing an Enemigo and juggling it as much as possible is the easiest way to earn money, it can also be found in hidden spots (like under the bramble bushes and some wooden crates).

Below are each type of money and their worth:

  • Bronze coin: 1 dollar
  • Silver coin: 5 dollars
  • Gold coin: 10 dollars
  • Ruby: 20 dollars
  • Emerald: 35 dollars
  • Diamond: 50 dollars

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