Sawtooth Calhoon


Possibly human






Only mentioned in Dumbbell's Flipdeck Card

"...When he woke up, Malana simply told him Sawtooth gave her the ship, and she was the new captain..."

(From Dumbbell's Flipdeck Card)

Sawtooth Calhoon is the former captain of the ship Brass Urchin, as revealed in the Flipdeck Card of Dumbbell. Dumbbell used to work for him as a crew member and guard of the ship. However, his ship was taken from Malana Mire while Dumbbell was sleeping on his guard duty.

He has not been shown or mentioned in any Cactus McCoy game so far.


  • His name, Sawtooth may imply that he has very sharp teeth for that of a normal human's.

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