Throwing Enemigo
Throwing Enemigo

Appears in

Cactus McCoy and The Curse of Thorns
Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera

First area appearance

Cactus Canyon

Can wield

Sheriff badges, Playing cards, Cherry Bombs, Daggers, Tomahawks, TNT, Grenades, Tear Gas, or Lanterns.

The Throwing Enemigo is a type of Enemigo that has appeared in both games so far. As their name implies, they always carry a usually small throwing weapon (such as Power Ball or Playing cards).

While they completely wear blue clothes and a top hat in the first game, they wear orange clothes and a bandanna in Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera. A Throwing Enemigo can be killed with the damage of 15 punching level 1 fists, 22,5 in areas 5 to 12 in Cactus McCoy 2.

Due to the weapons they wield often being small, it is usually hard to spot which throwing weapon a Throwing Enemigo carries unless he starts to attack.